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Managing Risk as Lockdown Lifts

With the expectation that COVID cases will most likely rise as NSW opens up, we hope you can appreciate that we are trying to keep both our team and our patients (especially those who are immunocompromised) as safe as possible. For those of you who still have concerns about Sydney and NSW opening up, we will be running a live Zoom event on 20th of October with Dr Irwin Lim and Dr Andrew Jordan to help answer any questions you may have.

During our live online event Rheumatologists Dr Andrew Jordan and Dr Irwin Lim will aim to cover:

  • Do those with Rheumatic disease need to be more careful in returning to โ€œnormalโ€ life?
  • What advice do our Rheumatologists have for those who are immunosuppressed?
  • What do we know about COVID-19 Booster shots?

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