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Wed 4 August 8pm!

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Conquering the Cravings

How can this event help me?

We don't often put sugar and salt in the same categories as caffeine and nicotine when it comes to the "addictive" effects.  Both sugar and salt are in the foods we eat and each can please our brains.  What pleases the brain does not please the body and both 🍫 sugar and 🥨 salt can be contributors to inflammation.

These cravings may increase with time in lockdown.  Looking to curb the cravings?  Keen to learn how and why sugar and salt can impact your brain positively and contribute to inflamation? You’re welcome to join Monica to learn the science behind why we get cravings and practical ways to manage them.

We’ll aim to cover

  • What causes cravings for sugar and salt?
  • How do they please the brain?
  • Do cravings come from other imbalances?
  • What does sugar and salt do to our body to create inflammation?
  • Can we retrain our brain?
  • Strategies to satisfy the cravings with tips and tricks.

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