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Gluten and Inflammation: Separating Fact from Fiction


Join us for our first Lifestyle Event of 2024! Monica is looking forward to discussing Gluten and Inflammation: Separating Fact from Fiction. During this session Monica will explore the latest research on gluten's impact on inflammation and health, particularly relevant for those with rheumatic diseases and inflammatory conditions. Monica will guide you through the intricate relationship between dietary choices and health, offering clarity amidst the often conflicting information available. This webinar has been designed to demystify the role of gluten in our diets and provide practical, evidence-based insights. It's an opportunity to empower yourself with knowledge, enabling informed decisions for better health and well-being.

In our upcoming online event, Dietitian Monica Kubizniac will aim to cover:

  • Understanding Gluten: A comprehensive look at gluten, its nature, and its prevalence in our diets.
  • The Gluten-Inflammation Connection: A deep dive into the scientific research linking gluten with inflammatory responses, especially in those with rheumatic diseases.
  • Myth vs. Reality: Challenging and clarifying common myths about gluten and its health effects.
  • Dietary Management: Offering actionable advice for managing a gluten-free diet, highlighting its potential benefits for those with sensitivities or intolerances, and its role in managing inflammatory conditions.
  • Gluten-Free Diet and Inflammation: Discussing the potential of a gluten-free diet to regulate inflammation across different body systems, and its implications for autoimmune diseases.

Attend our live virtual event at 8pm Wednesday 24th of January.

Like all of our lifestyle events, we will welcome questions and discussion so we can all hear and learn from each other.

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