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Battling Bursitis: Strategies for Pain Relief and Recovery


Join us for a practical and informative session on bursitis, tailored for anyone facing the discomfort and challenges of this condition, particularly in the hip/gluteal area and around the shoulder. Our BJC Physiotherapists, Tim Lee and Jackson Zhou, are ready to guide you through a comprehensive understanding of bursitis. They'll cover everything from its causes and symptoms to how it affects your daily activities. More importantly, they'll dive into the latest treatments and management strategies that are showing real promise in reducing pain and aiding recovery. The session will also shed light on how different health professionals can work together to help you manage and overcome bursitis effectively. It's set to be an insightful event, offering practical advice and the latest knowledge in the field.

During our upcoming Lifestyle Event, Tim Lee and Jackson Zhou will cover essential topics such as:

  • Understanding Bursitis: A comprehensive overview of bursitis, focusing on its common forms in the gluteal and shoulder areas.
  • Latest Treatment Recommendations: Exploring current evidence-based treatments and management strategies for bursitis.
  • Health Professional Support: Discussing the roles of different health professionals in the treatment and management of bursitis.
  • Self-Management Strategies: Providing practical advice on how patients can actively manage and improve their condition, including lifestyle modifications and exercises.
  • Empowering Great Questions: Learn what questions you can ask your health professional to better understand your treatment options and recovery plan.

Attend our live virtual event at 8pm Wednesday 21st of February.

Like all of our lifestyle events, we will welcome questions and discussion so we can all hear and learn from each other.

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