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Aged Care: Maintaining Independence and Agency in Later Life

Join Lyn See and Stacey Tryon for our first ever session discussing My Aged Care. This session is perfect for anyone who wants to proactively understand the options for later life—whether it be for yourself or for being able to assist elder parents or relatives.

Navigating aged care might seem daunting, but being informed about the resources and supports available can make a significant difference. We'll provide an overview of how My Aged Care can help maintain independence and enhance wellbeing, and why knowing this early—even if you don't need it right now—is crucial. This webinar will also be beneficial for those looking to understand potential future needs and how to effectively plan for them with confidence.


During our upcoming Lifestyle Event with experts Lyn See and Stacey Tryon, we will cover:


Understanding My Aged Care: Discover how My Aged Care can tailor support to your specific needs with arthritis or rheumatic diseases, helping you maintain independence as your condition changes.

Empowering Agency: We will discuss the importance of maintaining control over your healthcare and lifestyle decisions. For individuals managing chronic conditions like arthritis, making informed choices is key to managing symptoms and maintaining quality of life.

Family Inclusion: Strategies for involving family in your care decisions, ensuring they support without overriding your autonomy, especially crucial for chronic condition management.

Phases of Later Life: Explore the different stages of later life and understand how each phase may influence your need for specific supports from My Aged Care. We'll discuss how arthritis and rheumatic conditions might affect these needs and how to prepare for and adapt to these changes.

Sustaining Wellbeing: Practical steps for using My Aged Care to access essential services like physical therapy and pain management, helping you manage your condition and maintain independence.


Join Lyn and Stacey to gain valuable insights into managing your or a loved one's later years with confidence, leveraging My Aged Care to support a vibrant and independent lifestyle.

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