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Lockdown life presents a unique set of challenges.  I'm not going to mention all of them here.  The challenge to keep moving and stay healthy, I think, is one of the biggest ones.

The following blog post presents some potential solutions if you might also be feeling like a "sloth" in the middle of a "schemozzle".

Pain, low motivation, or disrupted routine getting in your way?  Hope you get something out of what I'm sharing.

- Sarah đŸŒŧ

Leave me alone until things are normal...

A few days ago I was talking to someone about finding the time to keep active whilst at home during a lockdown.  They contacted me with interest in our Virtual Exercise Program.  When faced with the decision to act on the interest this is what they said.

"Thanks for checking on me, home schooling is nuts, I'm studying online, and now's not a good time to think about anything else. Can I get back to you when everything gets back to normal?"

Have any of these impacted you when you've been trying to find your movement groove?

  • Too cold đŸĨļ ?
  • Too busy đŸ˜Ŧ ?
  • Too hard 😓 ?
  • Too easy 😌 ?
  • Too boring đŸ˜ļ ?
  • Too much pain đŸ˜Ģ ?
  • Too tired đŸĨą ?
  • Too scared (not sure where to start? or what to do?) 😱
  • No results ☚ī¸ ?
  • No energy 😮‍💨 ?
  • No motivation 😐 ?

What I mentioned to them was unfortunately when it comes to exercise, there is no perfect time.  There is always a reason to start tomorrow, some other time, or never.

I encouraged them to start small, leaving the house for 5 minutes for some fresh air.  It seemed like a good way to start.  When we start small we build confidence, and in time we build upon this without even realising it as being extra effort. 


Life feeling like one big schemozzle?

I love the word schemozzle 😂 and think its a pretty good word to describe how life might be going. Disruptions to how we socialise, work, learn and interact have become the norm over this last period.

"My routine is a schemozzle. Am still trying to get my day to day figured out.. but things keep changing. Every time I think I will go do some exercise, something comes up"

Life logistics can get in the way of a regular movement routine. Without getting into the complete definition, perhaps these real-life "life logistics" examples help paint the picture for your.

  • Ever found that your exercise routine changed when you changed jobs?

  • Have you lost motivation to attend a class when your favourite instructor left?

And how about COVID for a life logistics challenge of a lifetime?

When it started last year, restrictions meant many regular movement options were just not (and in some places are still not) possible. And there were some new options too.  Now that we are in a similar situation once again, perhaps you are still recovering your movement mojo?

Exercise can provide an anchor during times of upheaval. Setting aside a regular time to try and get some movement in can help give us a sense of control over our day, especially when so many things are up in the air. So although it's tempting to wait until you have a routine, to build an exercise routine, might you consider getting the movement side of things scheduled first?

Our virtual session timetable is designed to help build routine. You're welcome to give it a go and see if it works for you, like I suggested to someone I spoke to earlier in the week.


Sloth vibes anyone?

Don't worry, this is a quote from someone in my family who I spoke with about about exercise this week.

"I feel like a SLOTH! I know I need to move, but just feel like I have no motivation at the moment"

Exercise is fundamental to treating arthritis and other Rheumatic conditions that affect our backs, our knees, and other joints, tendons and bones. But add cold weather, restrictions, home schooling and a whole heap of uncertainty and you have a good recipe for what he described as "sloth mode."


Feeling flat, lethargic, and just a bit achey?

It's tempting to embrace "sloth mode" at the moment. Or even wait until you feel better before starting to move again. But strangely, movement can actually help your energy levels! It can help reduce the aches and pains you might be experiencing. It can help get that spring back in your step, even when you do just a small amount 🙂


If you're wanting to try something gentle, and get moving slowly again.. consider joining us in our Move Free sessions. Our instructors help guide you in folding, opening and gently moving your body, all from the comfort of your home (you can even keep your socks on!) Or perhaps you just want to smile and have a little LOL as you groove along in our Beginner Dance Class. Making a start is all that is needed to start shaking off those sloth vibes 🙂


Just remember that all big changes all start with small steps. And I think that now is as good a time as any, to start small.  We're inviting you to take some small steps for free during lockdown.

Those new to virtual exercise can find it a big step.  If that's you take a free Move Free Class this week!  If you are looking for a dance step you might find this class to be fun.  Have you ever tried Yoga in a chair?  It's a small step if you've ever been curious.

You might be thinking "Leave me alone until it's normal".

Or you might consider a small step here?