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We sure didn't! 🤭  Well not all of us.  Robyn has been asking to have a dance class since we started our virtual "Exercise Anywhere" program over a year ago!  We finally approved it for the timetable as a fun thing to do for "Exercise Right Week".  Last week was Exercise Right Week And what a week we had!

We have a great community!  Some of you have been with us for 10 days and some have been with us for over 10 years!  We seem to find our way to have fun.  We had outstanding attendance to our Dance Sessions with Robyn.  We are always learning together.  We talk to you on the phone, on the screen and exchange emails.

We've learned a lot in the past 2 years from Exercise Right Week.

Exercise "Right"?

That sounds a little intimidating?  If you say "nah" then you might be one of the regulars in our group and have been at this for years.  You may exhibit lovely form and do things "technically" very "right".  And if so you remember it didn't start that way.

And if you're nodding "yes" and thinking "I'm not exercising 'perfect', don't judge me!" I assure you, you are in the majority and our community is all about that vibe!

We've learned it could be what's "not right" about exercise might be the name "exercise", full stop. What do you think?

Moving and activity sound a lot more fun.  Don't you think?  What's even more fun is giving it a go even if it's been a while!

Turns out dancing together is a lot of fun!

We trialled a few virtual dance classes last week, and the feedback was... well.. unanimous! Check out some of the comments below

"Everyone seemed to be enjoying it Robyn - it seems to be a really good idea. I hope you keep going with it!"

"Loved the Dance class!  Felt like I’ve exercised but it was more fun 🤩"

"The dance class was lots of fun. Even though I’m uncoordinated I really enjoyed the class."

So needless to say, our virtual dance classes are here to stay 💃 As of next week, we will regularly offer 3 dance sessions per week! You're welcome to come and join the fun if you weren't able to last week.

june 7th

The is no "right" way when it comes to movement

Although Exercise Right Week is a great opportunity to celebrate all the benefits associated with exercise, the week also taught us that we don't always need to focus on getting it "right".

Just moving your body consistently is the key! Whether its through dance, swimming, walking or waving your arms gently in a MOVE FREE session, movement performed regularly helps us feel confident, strong and empowered. We were reminded that a regular routine and a supportive fun environment can make all the difference to how you feel.

Were you new last week? 

You may have been new to our sessions and tried them out.  You may have thought about doing it but didn't (you still can).

Everyone is "new".  That's because virtual exercise is still a reasonably "new" thing. Trying the sessions last week would have been doing so for the very first time. And despite some of the doubts and skepticism, you left with smiles.  And made others smile too with sending encouraging words 🙂

"Thank you very much. I enjoyed it greatly- more than I thought I would - in fact so much so that I find myself looking forward to joining next Friday"

"I loved your class this morning!"

I had some great discussions last week, as did Robyn and the team.  Whilst the reviews were kind lovely and fun, there is often a self doubt about continuing with consistency.  Don't worry about it!  The key is that you got started and you had fun moving!

Additionally you tried something really new which was virtual exercise and you were courageous.

If you still have not tried it, that's ok!

Maybe Exercise "Right" week wasn't the right time to get started?  Maybe you aren't sure if you have the right technology to join in?  Maybe you were ready and something came up?  Maybe you looked at the price and didn't even try?  My advice would be this.


Read here about the sessions.

Talk to Sarah or Robyn by starting a trial.

Sign up for a free week and attend the classes.

If you aren't ready to move, sign up, attend and watch.


Take it one step at a time.

You are our community and by taking part in our free activities you will help yourself feel better and you will also be helping others like you feel better because we all realise we are not alone.

No one should have to go on this worthy journey alone.  In our community you are free to enjoy and support each other.

And if you are up for some free fun with others start with some basic movement for free here and talk to me or Robyn.

Ready to take the first step?


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