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You can't say the fitness industry isn't creative when it comes to thinking up new and different ways to keep people moving. Between all of the weird and wonderful group classes and pieces of equipment that have come and gone, it's any wonder that more of us aren't consistently meeting National Activity Guidelines.

If anything, we now have soooo many options when it comes to keeping ourselves active that it can be overwhelming in knowing what to choose.

That is, when we aren't in lockdown 🙂


Virtually a new thing?

Exercising virtually would still be considered one of the new kids on the block when it comes to exercise options. Although following workout videos is not in itself anything new (remember Jane Fonda was doing it in the 1980's!), 2020 saw more virtual exercise options pop up than ever before.

And with platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Live and Youtube readily available, it was possible for groups of people to still connect and move together, despite restrictions and lockdowns.

Although virtual exercise ticks a number of boxes when it comes to convenience and comfort, there are certainly some things to ponder if you are considering whether virtual exercise might be right for you.


Space... have you got it?

Moving around at home requires space. How much? Check out our video guide to space here. Home is a place where we fulfill. many of our needs already. It's where we sleep, rest, eat and play! (not to mention where many of us are also working and juggling home schooling!) Using your home to regularly move takes a little bit of prep and set up, and not everyone has the space. Definitely worth considering this aspect before launching into virtual sessions


Technology.. can you deal?

Virtual sessions will require a device (ideally with a working camera) and some stable Wifi. Our virtual sessions are run over ZOOM, so our members also need to develop some technological competency to access our classes. If you are "zoomed out" or hate anything to do with computers, laptops and logging in, then virtual exercise is likely not for you.


Connection.. do you want it?

Virtual sessions remain a way that people can move and groove together. It's not for everyone though. If you prefer to do all of you physical activity independently, and without the oversight or support from others, then joining in live and supervised sessions will probably not be your thing.


Fitness Fad Fizzle?

Is virtual exercise going to be just like so many other fitness fads and fizzle out?

We don't think so. We're committed to continuing our virtual sessions. Mostly because our members have told us they find them to be convenient, fun and effective. In another post, we also share how virtual exercise removes some of the barriers related to maintaining a regular movement routine. Have you got things getting in your way?


Still not sure?  We created a quiz for you to see if Virtual Exercise can work for you.


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