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Introducing BJC Connect 

Support, Expertise and Our Team
Available on Demand

(coming to you this November)



Created for you...
inspired by you!

Your feedback from our virtual lifestyle events and other changes to our service delivery have inspired us to create BJC Connect. BJC Connect will allow you to access care, support, and our BJC Team.  We're aiming to build a convenient connected community of support.

Intro BJC Connect IL

Your BJC Team 🙌
Daily interactive educational sessions

Some new barriers have arisen making it more challenging to access face to face care.  Some of these barriers remain, yet we look forward to sharing our new innovations that will allow you to connect with us more than ever.  Live, interactive and daily access to our team will make it easier than ever to live and feel better.

BJC Lifestyle ⭐
Live Events and
Essential Resources

Our fortnightly lifestyle events have allowed us to interact and connect with you in a new and exciting way.  We plan to continue these events with more topics and more opportunities to learn from each other and from our team.  Resources from our team such as our book on Anti-Inflammatory Eating will be available for you as well.

BJC Connect Lifestyle Events and Resources


Stay Connected 🎉

Keen to be one of the first to connect and see what's next?